“Rich provides a great service and very fair pricing, considering the convenience factor of what he provides. As a repeat customer, I used Rich to provide tables, chairs, Sumo Suits, and popcorn/sno-cone machines for two high school grad parties. His service is outstanding and his equipment is superior! For my recent party (June 2012), I had to leave to pick-up the food for the party while Rich was delivering the rental items. He demonstrated the running of the popcorn and sno-cone machines to my kids (college aged), which I was grateful for his in-depth explaination on these items to them! I appreciated his time and dedication to help make this party a huge success!”

Scott H., Naperville, IL


Scott's daughter:

Working with Rich over the past few years has been a pleasure. He made the rental process as seamless as possible, and our party went off without a hitch. During the delivery of our rental items, Rich even took an extra 45 minutes to explain how to most efficiently use both the popcorn and sno-cone machines. Again, this knowledge allowed everything to work perfectly during the event. I appreciate all the extra time he put in, it was truly one of the easiest experiences we could have had. Thanks Rich!

Jordin H. from Naperville, IL